Daily Archives: November 7, 2010

Sunday T-SQL Tips: Inserted, Deleted tables and OUTPUT clause (Part 4 – insert of the master/detail data with SQL SERVER 2005)

Last Sunday we saw how we can insert packet of the master/detail rows with the multiple master rows with MERGE statement. Obviously this approach would not work with SQL Server 2005. So what can be done there?

The problem that SQL Server does not guarantee the order in which rows are inserted with insert/select statement. It does not guarantee that with insert/select..order by either. Although based on the blog post from SQL Server Engine Team, insert/select..order by guarantees the order in what identity values are generated.  It says: “INSERT queries that use SELECT with ORDER BY to populate rows guarantees how identity values are computed but not the order in which the rows are inserted “.

This is something we can deal with. So let’s start with the same tables we had last Sunday:

The structure of the master and detail packages are slightly different:
1. Ids table does not have internalId column anymore
2. InternalID columns values in @MasterData and @DetailData should start with 1. This is important!

So we know the order in what identity values are generated. If our InternalIds in the tables are the same (started with 1), we can use it the approach below.

This should do the work. Code can be downloaded here