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“Expert SQL Server In-Memory OLTP” Has Been Published

It has been very eventful week. On Thursday, September 17th, I’ve presented at 24 Hours of Pass – gave the sneak peek of my PASS Summit 2015 pre-con.  By the way, slide deck and demos are available for download from my Presentations page.

However, the biggest news for me is the release of my second book – “Expert SQL Server In-Memory OLTP”. It is a bit late – we are all waiting for In-Memory OLTP improvements in SQL Server 2016 but still.. I hope some people will find it useful.

I think that Microsoft’ implementation of In-Memory OLTP as quite unique due to the level of integration with the classic SQL Server Engine and its simplicity. As all of us know, it is possible to move data into memory with just a handful of the mouse clicks. However, this simplicity is two-edged sword – it is very easy to make incorrect implementation decisions and hurt  system performance rather than improve it. My goal was to explain how the technology works under the hood and show when and how to develop, deploy and administer the solutions that utilize In-Memory OLTP.

In the nutshell, I’d consider this book as the follow-up on In-Memory OLTP part from my Pro SQL Server Internals book. You would find some familiar content if you read it; however, it is much deeper dive into the technology. I’ve also covered the large number of practical questions – for example, how to benefit from the technology in case, if full in-memory migration is cost ineffective.

You can look at the Table of Content and download companion materials from my Publications page.

Finally, I would like to thank my technical reviewer Sergey Olontsev (MVP, MCM) who is working with the very large In-Memory OLTP implementation on the daily basis. His help was invaluable!

And, of course, it would be impossible to do without all of you! Thank you very much for all your help, feedback and support!

PASS Summit 2015: I am Speaking!

SQL Server professionals are very strange. They live in their own world. They even have a calendar, which does not make any sense to the regular people.

They call Spring as Abstract Time and spend days in the dark rooms writing abstracts for upcoming PASS Summit. Summer becomes either Time of Work and Happiness or Time of Sadness depending on the Call for Speakers results. Autumn is, obviously, Gathering Time – time when they meet their friends and #sqlfamily in Seattle. And, finally, Winter is Time of Memories and Stories –  the season of neverending tales from the Summit – the season when they are boring other, non-SQL Server folks, to death.

This year is Time of Work and Happiness for me. I just found that two of my abstracts have been selected, including the pre-con session. It is hard to express how proud and honored I feel and I want to thank Program Committee, PASS and all of you for your trust and support. Thank you, it means a lot!

I am delivering the well known pre-con: SQL Server Internals: The Practical Angle. This pre-con explains how SQL Server components work under the hood and how their behavior affect your systems. It is based on my book Pro SQL Server Internals or, to be exact, that pre-con inspired me to write that book in the first place.

The second session, Thinking Outside of the In-Memory Box, talks about In-Memory OLTP and focusing how to address the surface area limitations of the technology in SQL Server 2014 and how to benefit from it even when migrations of existing systems are cost ineffective. There is also the book behind it.

I really hope, I will see some of you in Seattle. I urge you to attend the Summit – especially, if you have never been there. Trust me, it is life changing experience – the one, which is impossible to forget. You will see our community in action, you will make new friends and, of course, you will learn a lot.

Looking forward to see you there!

Slide decks and a few announcements

I am speaking at SQL Saturday #190 in Denver, CO on Saturday, September 28th, 2013. I’m also delivering full day pre-con on Friday, September 27th. We will talk about SQL Server Internals and cover a lot of things – internal storage, locking, troubleshooting, internal implementation of the database objects and so on. There are still a few seats available and I will be happy to see you there.

Speaking of the past presentations – the slide decks and demo scripts for both parts of “All About Indexes” presentations are available for download from the Presentations page. Keep in mind, that slides are in Russian.

The slide deck for “From S to 3XL: Implementing Data Partitioning and Tiered Storage” session will be available for download after PASS SUMMIT.