“Expert SQL Server In-Memory OLTP” Has Been Published

It has been very eventful week. On Thursday, September 17th, I’ve presented at 24 Hours of Pass – gave the sneak peek of my PASS Summit 2015 pre-con.  By the way, slide deck and demos are available for download from my Presentations page.

However, the biggest news for me is the release of my second book – “Expert SQL Server In-Memory OLTP”. It is a bit late – we are all waiting for In-Memory OLTP improvements in SQL Server 2016 but still.. I hope some people will find it useful.

I think that Microsoft’ implementation of In-Memory OLTP as quite unique due to the level of integration with the classic SQL Server Engine and its simplicity. As all of us know, it is possible to move data into memory with just a handful of the mouse clicks. However, this simplicity is two-edged sword – it is very easy to make incorrect implementation decisions and hurt  system performance rather than improve it. My goal was to explain how the technology works under the hood and show when and how to develop, deploy and administer the solutions that utilize In-Memory OLTP.

In the nutshell, I’d consider this book as the follow-up on In-Memory OLTP part from my Pro SQL Server Internals book. You would find some familiar content if you read it; however, it is much deeper dive into the technology. I’ve also covered the large number of practical questions – for example, how to benefit from the technology in case, if full in-memory migration is cost ineffective.

You can look at the Table of Content and download companion materials from my Publications page.

Finally, I would like to thank my technical reviewer Sergey Olontsev (MVP, MCM) who is working with the very large In-Memory OLTP implementation on the daily basis. His help was invaluable!

And, of course, it would be impossible to do without all of you! Thank you very much for all your help, feedback and support!

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