Sunday T-SQL Tips: Inserted, Deleted tables and OUTPUT clause (Part 3 – Merge and insert of the master/detail data)

Last Sunday we saw what we can do with the MERGE statement and OUTPUT clause. Today I want to show you the practical angle of this feature.

Let’s assume you want to insert packet of master/detail rows in the situation when Master table has ID as identity field.

This is the trivial task if you have only one master row – you can accomplish it with insert statement, get the identity with @@identity or SCOPE_IDENTITY() and next perform insert of the detail rows. The situation is more complicated if you have multiple master-detail rows in the packets. In such case MERGE and OUTPUT would help. First of all, you need to have “internal” unique ID to link master and detail rows in the packets. Let’s see that:

Next, you need to insert the data to the master table with the MERGE operator and get both – internal ID and inserted (identity) ID from the packet. After that you can use simple insert statement.

Code can be downloaded from here

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